Geographic Regions has developed from a startup, founded by four people in a cramped San Francisco apartment 10 years ago, to a global organization with more then 3,600 employees., the world`s first cloud computing platform expands the family of cloud-based applications, so that anyone can develop and deploy without infrastructure. At the moment more than 63,000 companies of all sizes are served with this model.

In the last few years is growing rapidly. Not only the small organisations use it, even the big ones take advantage of

It started as a more or less local company in San Francisco, CA ,94105 United States, which still is the world wide corporate headquarters.
As soon as it expanded so fast, there was a need for more global locations. At the moment is located in about 25 different countries all over the world.

The following world map gives an overview where is roughly located.

Figure 1: Locations Worldwide

Figure 1: Locations Worldwide

At present has its biggest significant influence in  the USA. is noted at the NYSE with a Volume of 1,760,830 shares (date: 25.09.09).