Case Study -

Introduction is a world leading company in delivering software as a service. Its main service is it’s on demand CRM solution.

This paper is written, that you understand what is all about. It makes you thoroughly familiar with one of the big player in e-commerce.

The Paper is divided into seven parts. The first part is about the key partnerships, the next section discusses the geographic regions. Further on we describe the key development and the business model. Finally we take a closer look at the methods of operation and the key strategic directions.

Conclusion and Discussion

We showed in the above text what is all about. After reading the text you know, that offers a conclusive concept to deliver an easy to use CRM Software as a service using a dynamic, scale free cloud computing approach. This satisfies the customer demand and leverages cost benefits for the customers of

The success of is based on an excellent management, a clear company strategy and a business model, which uses cutting edge technology combined with a developer community and an easy to use platform, which is delivered in a very cost effective manner. Thus, is an excellent example for an eCommerce company.